Discovering Aviela




Get to know Aviela, it was founded in 2007. WOW 10 years ago, can you believe this.   The founder discovered the properties unrefined Shea butter has, and decided to incorporated the special ingredient into there products.

I myself found out about Aviela while on my search for natural products to use for my hair and body.

After communications via internet. Aviela asked if I would like to use and do a review on there products.  My answer was “yes”, and I was able to choose which products I like too.

I am a practical person, so I chose wisely.

I chose

  • Aviela Shea body lotion, Shea in a bottle BRILLIANT!!!! for the body
  • Aviela Pure Shea Butter, proper unrefined Shea, can be used on the body and hair
  • Aviela Healthy Hair Shea Butter, you saw hair so it is used in hair.

I have been using all these 3 products for over 1 month now.

So here are my thoughts on each.  And I am so glad to be given the opportunity to choose the products also.



So first is the Aviela Shea Body lotion. This is my go too skin lotion, and use it nearly everyday. The bottle is more less half empty now.  It has a great consistancy and absorbs into my skin quickly.  Has natural ingredients including Shea butter, Coconut oil, Hazelnut oil.       Smells very nice indeed, and is very protective on my skin even though the season has changed and the weather has gotten colder.


Second is Aviela Pure Shea Butter.  This is the proper Shea. Made in Ghana.  Very solid and has no odour. I used this when I didn’t use the body lotion. It’s easy to apply on my skin, and absorbs nicely. Great investment for your skin.



Third is Aviela Healthy Hair Shea Butter.  It has no silicones, no parabens, no petroleum, no mineral oils, and no artificial colours.  I use this mainly after I wash my hair. Which has been several times since have this butter.  The main ingredients are of course Shea Butter, Coconut oil, and Olive oil all beneficial for healthy hair.  It hydrated my hair and leaves it smelling very nice and fragrant.  I have added this butter to my fave hair products collection.
Overall I love I was given a chance to use these natural products. That my hair and body love.

Life really is about discovering and learning.

Check out Aviela www.aviela.co.uk

They have much more Shea butter products for well being, hair, and body to choose from.

Side note I really should have a blog post about the fave hair and beauty products I use.

I hope this was a good read.

Thank you




All the items in this months box

Well first of all it was just Black History Month in October, and also the first year anniversary of My Ebony Box tooo. Happy Birthday MY EBONY BOX!!!!!!!!!

October 2017 was a good month in general, with many celebrations and events I attended. Including Youtube events #youtubeblack as I have a Youtube channel also where I do unboxing videos for My Ebony Box too.

Also Black girls festival, Hair events, and networking events.

My Ebony Box is a beauty box subscription which caters for women of colour, with women of colour friendly products. A black owned business. You can recieve a box every month to you door. And also deliver worldwide.

Ok so lets get into what was in Octobers My Ebony Box, which had 9 items altogether. First even before I opened the box I could smell a amazing lovely aroma.

Which was Nylah herbal hair tea – Glow blend, which is made from natural herbs including Rosemary, Horsetail, Peppermint, and Nettle. All great ingredients “to stimulate the hair scalp to promote growth”. And I can’t wait to use this in my hair.

Palmers Cocoa butter tub for the body and Olive oil deep conditioner for hair.  Palmers is a brand I have been using for many years and I am loving how they have many formulas and skincare and haircare products to choose from. I can’t wait to use the Olive oil deep conditioner in my hair as it is slightly damaged and will be trimming it soon also.

Green and Black Organic chocolate, I do have a sweet tooth and love chocolate. I will saving this bar for a special moment. I like to put chocolate on my tongue and just let it melt, hmmmmmmmmm. Nice and better that their chocloate is organic.

Shetai Natural hair butter, which is made from whipped shea butter. love it, love it, love it. I already use this in my hair, so now I have a extra one. I mainly use it along my hairline edges and massage it in to stimulate the area to promote hair growth as my edges are not the best. Great addition to the box.

Some lovely accessories included too which was a very nice Gold rimmed picture frame, with the insert saying “fill me with love” so nice.

Badges from Black on Paper, which say “#black glamour squad” and “making her story”.

Earring included from My Ebony Box, I do love to rock big earrings in general, I wear them most days and on my Youtube videos too. So now I have more to add to my collection.

My favourite items in this month box are……….

  • Gold rimmed picture frame
  • Shetai Hair butter, for my hair
  • Palmers cocoa butter for the body, well needed in this change of weather

If you are interested in getting a beauty box, head over to this link


And don’t forget to check my unboxing video below

I really can’t wait to see what will be in November box.







GET MS HAIR FOUNDATION  http://bit.ly/2tPYG6q




Tiger/flying tiger shopping haul

Here is a quick video of what I got from Tiger/Flying Tiger store recently in London. So many random products under one roof. Toys, kitchenware, gadgets, stationary, games, candles, bathroom stuff, and much more. Budget shopping

Halloween and Christmas ideas to. If you have a store local to you, you must pop in.

Video below

Come see what I got



Whats in My Ebony box????

So lovely products as you see above, I got a lovely ” I love my roots “compact mirror, handy and you can put in your bag for those moment when you need a handy compact mirror.

Knot free detangling spray, by Bourne beautiful naturals. A lovely fragrant spray to use on natural hair, also made with natural ingredients. I have used this few times already and happy with the results.

Nail enamel from Bourjois, a very hot pink colour. To be honest I don’t wear nail enamel regular, but been using it in recent times for when I do youtube videos and holding product, because it makes my nails look nicer.

Talking about nails, another essential item added to this box was the Flamingo nail file.

Henna-si Henna & Silk infused hair Souffle, by Ritoria. A lovely shuffle I can use in my hair. Added in my to use box, as I have many other hair products to use as well.

Afrolips happy birthday card, by Special Touch Design. I am loving the design on this card, I kind of don’t want to give it away for someones birthday, lol. Check them out for stationary accessories.

Shea oil, by Afro Hair Solutions, I so can’t wait to use this in my hair. I am using so many Shea butter natural products. Now I can add this to my collection. I also have a discount code TANIKA10 , which you can use when shopping on the website. Remember to add code before you process shopping basket.

Feeling thirsty??? Aspire Mango drink, will quench your thrist. Lovely and refreshing, and zero calories and zero sugar.

Last but not least, I got a melanin sticker. that I can stick anywhere, lol

My favourite items in this box, were the compact mirror, nail file, and the melanin sticker.

Can’t wait to see what I get in October’s Box

Unboxing video is below 


Simple quick short hair hairstyle 

This is a quick and easy short hair hairstyle to do.

And I did it without a comb in my Afro hair texture.

All you need is 3 hair bands,  and divide hair into 3 sections.  To create puff Mohawk style.

I myself am trying to be more creative with my hair like how I was before, but then slipped into wearing wigs a lot and regular protective styles the I could keep in my hair for over 1 month, as in single plaits, Ghana braids, and crochet braids.

To see how watch the video below.

More simple hairstyle tutorials coming soon.

Stay tuned on my YouTube channel


Black Owned Natural products I need to use





Fit4akiing black face mask, made with activated charcoal, so will be good removing them impurities from my face. www.fit4akiing.com

Pure Goodness shea body lotion, looks so lush and made with natural ingredients, will be using soon.   http://puregoodness1.weebly.com/

Shea Island Shea Butter, for use on body and hair. Made from natural Shea butter.    www.sheaisland.com

Go Healthy Shea and Coconut oil for hair. I really can’t wait to use this, after the hair products I am using now. https://www.mmproducts.com/product/gh-shea-coco-oil/

Afro Hair Solutions hot oil treatment and scalp reviver mask for hair, well I have used the scalp reviver in the little circle tin. Was very nice, with a fresh aroma. And mainly use it after I wash my hair. I have not used the hot oil treatment yet though, but soon.

##Discount code available enter TANIKA10 10% of basket



Carol Brown o’natreal Natural hair mud  OMG I have so much hair products to try out and use, but this is on my list. I met the person who makes this product, at a hair event I attended and vlogged at earlier on in the year.


Jim + Henry shea for natural hair, another item I received in My Ebony box. Which I am getting closer to using after I have finished the product I am using now. http://organiquestore.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=141

Soap Connoisseur Blueberry scrub, which was included in a beauty box I receive every month, My Ebony box Smells so yummy can’t wait to use it. http://www.thesoapconnoisseur.com/shop/blossoming-blueberry-whipped-sugar-scrub

Bourn Beautiful naturals shampoo and conditioner, well from the time I did the Youtube video till now. I can say I have used the shampoo and conditioner. Made with natural ingredients, both smelt nice. Hair felt good, can’t wait to use them on my next wash day. http://www.bournbeautifulnaturals.uk/store/p7/Moisture_Silk_Sulfate-Free_Shampoo.html


Thanks for watching

what natural products are u using?


Visit to London zoo

I thought I share my vlog at London Zoo, recently. With hilarious voice-over, which is below at the end of this blog post.

I had the opportunity to enter the zoo for free, due to working at a event in the Zoo. And off course I had to blog it, as it was the first time I have been to the Zoo. Can you believe it all these years I have been alive and in London, but this is the first time actually seeing the animals.

I must say it is a big Zoo, and I don’t actually think I saw every animal in the Zoo, but I saw most of them, which you will see in my vlog below.

To get the Zoo it is situated in the centre of tube stations Baker Street and Regents street.

The food facility has reasonable food sandwiches, desserts, hot food. hot and cold drinks. Tad overpriced, but guest thats service price added. So I would advice to bring plenty snacks.

A great trip out for kids and adults

So many animals big and small.

Here is the website https://www.zsl.org/tickets

Overall it was a great experience seeing animals I don’t usually see, and so being lazy to just lounging around, lol.




What do you think off my voice-over?



check them out http://bit.ly/2tPYG6q










Black owned Natural Vegan products I use


Charlene’s hairipy hair products, my hair loves her products. All her products are homemade and made with natural ingredients. Suitable for vegans also. Clay shampoos, conditioners, balms, oils, treatments and more.

Fit4akiing charcoal toothpaste, i hve been using for many many month, love it. and i dont get gum infections. Breathe is fresh. Made with natural ingredients, and also suitable for vegans www.fit4akiing.com

Afrocenchix natural soothe scalp oil, which i use on my hair after I wash it. Has a fragrant smell. Natural ingredients. And discovered it in a previous My Ebony box, beauty box. And started to use the sheen spray some time after, and really loved using it when my hair was in braids, as it kept them moisturisered Afrocenchix

My Ebony Box  monthly beauty box subscription. I really enjoy getting this box every month, and have don many unboxing videos on them. Each month I am surprised by the contents of the box, which includes hair products, body products, accessories and essentials www.myebonybox.com

Shetai shea hair butter I use this especially along my edges and hair scalp, and massage in. Another natural product. I have been using it for months now www.shetai.co.uk

Pure goodness Lip balm Lip balm is very useful to have, to stop lips getting cracked and dry. Love using this lip balm, and smell nice too. Natural ingredients http://puregoodness1.weebly.com/shop.html

Shea island Black soap

African Black Soap Bar 100% Natural 200g

Bethal flower whipped shea butter, which i used all over my body and hair, smells nice too with the hint of lavender, also made with natural ingredients. And really good on my skin. http://www.bethelflower.com/p/products.aspx

What natural products do you use??

leave your comments down below


Shea Island Black Soap

Shea Island Black soap, well I have been using Shea Island black soap, for couple months now, going through many bars in the process.

I am so glad that I do what I do, and get to discover many natural beauty, body and hair products. Because I like to try and discover new products.

So I was previously using Dudu Osun black soap for many many months before, but discovered it was not produced in Ghana, where the proper Shea comes from, to my surprise.

Before I started to use natural soaps, Dove soaps was the soaps I used for many years.

Anyways I discovered Shea Island at 1 of many events I have went to went to months ago.

And loving the results since using it.
Made with natural ingredients too, including Shea oil. Smells very nice, and leaves my skin clean and refreshed. I have a big tub of Shea Butter from Shea Island to use also.

There are so many natural black soap brands around, but I am sticking to what I know and my body loves.
Check out www.sheaisland.com  natural products


How I keep my braids looking good with 2 hair products

Quick video on how I kept and maintained my natural hair while in Ghana Braids, with 2 natural haircare products.

I have had this protective hairstyle in for over 1 month and it still looks nice and neat.

So like i said this style has been in for over 1 month now

installed on 2nd August 2017

day of filming the YouTube video was 8th September 2017.


AFROCENCHIX HAIR SPRAY (with aloe vera and grape seed)

SHETAI HAIR BUTTER (made with whipped shea butter)




Blog post





Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa, Cleansing Facial System, Unboxing


This is so amazing on my face. The brushes are soft on my face, and easy to clean after use. I would use this product after a long day, to give my face a spa clean, to remove the days dirt and impurities. Can be used with a cleansing product on your face. Oh and did I say this product is battery operated.

Vanity planet discount link http://rwrd.io/to43ohd

they have many other beauty products on the website

Unboxing video below

Visit Vanity Planet



What’s in My Ebony Box August 2017

First of all My Ebony box is a monthly beauty box subscription, which caters for women of colour. Each month the box includes beauty, hair, and body products and accessories.

In August box had a variety of items as follows

Queen mason jar with straw, to use for your drinking beverages. I love how it has QUEEN written on it (from my ebony box)

Queening notebook and pencil, you can never have too much stationary, especially being a blogger like myself. Ideas and bites to be written. (from my ebony box)

Pink “Lit Swag” travel/shopping bag, I adore this bag, very useful for shopping. Just put it in your handbag. Do u really want to be caught out by having to pay for a 5p bag when shopping? Lol. (from my ebony box)

Soap trio, these are natural Vegetable ingredients made soap, natural products are the best. I got 3 different sample soaps to use, and they all smell very nice as well. They also do botanical skin care and massage oils and bath salts (from natural soap by design)

Coconut oil, which like I said in my video, you can basically use it anywhere on the body and hair. A very essential item to have, with well know properties (from Vita Coco)

Lemon/vanilla chin chin, this is the first time knowing of this product, and when I tried them, OMG they were so nice. Not to sweet, a great eating snack. (from Real African Food)

Sleek foundation kit palette test your shade, this was a great addition to this months box, especially as I myself find it hard to find foundation in my shade, and never samples available when I go to stores. Can’t wait to find out my shade using this palette, as there are 5 shades on it. (from sleek makeup)

Digital art of Founder, with a quote on it. “BE ALL THE THINGS THEY SAID YOU COULDN’T BE”

My favourite item in thiis box is, drum rolls!!!!!!! Queening note book and pencil and Queen mason jar. I have always got ideas to write and drink water regular, lol

August box had so many great items in it, can’t wait for September’s box

Check them out

My Ebony box

Oh and check out my unboxing video 🙂 🙂 :0


Firmoo glasses review

Well I was contacted by Firmoo company recently. Firmoo are a internet based optical service. Why go to a store when you can go on the internet? Well this is what Firmoo do. Price of glasses start from £19.99 and up-to £39. You can get prescription or non prescription glasses.

Check out Firmoo glasses + Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

They’re excellent glasses.


Sweets Sweets Sweets from Sugar mama sweet store

Blogging about sweets glorious sweets 


Sweet are needed in life 🙂

Sweets being vegan is a plus, which Sugar mama sweet store do……..

Love them, love them, love them

So many varieties to choose from, and for all occasions and events.

  • candy cart catering
  • flavour boxes
  • candy cones
  • party bags
  • adult sweets


  • parties
  • events
  • weddings
  • ceremonies
  • outside events
  • corporate events
  • birthdays
  • celebration
  • anniversaries
  • and many more occasions to have sweets
  • even just to have your own little/big supply of sweets

Sweets so much choices

  • bonbons many flavours
  • fizzy sweets
  • fried eggs
  • chocolate eggs
  • popcorn
  • alcohol infused sweets
  • marshmallows
  • flying saucers
  • chewy sweets
  • and much much more


So to get your sweet fix, check them out




Here are a few summer looks modelled by myself , I myself am a UK size 20.

Outfit 1 Status symbol top from Atlantic reign  with Black Primark skirt. I do love a slogan tee.

Outfit 2 Status symbol top from Atlantic reign  with Pink Primark skirt

Outfit 3 Straight outta Africa from Kelis africa  with Pink Primark skirt

Outfit 4 Straight outta Africa from Kelis africa  with Black Primark skirt

Outfit 5 Red African print dress by Flakies Clothing  I love how I found a African print dress in plus size and fitted like a glove, love the design to

Outfit 6  A 2 piece outfit by Iro & Buba UK when I first got this, I was not sure of the colours, but when I tried it on for the first time, OMG. It just suited me

Outfit 7 Red and Black Check shirt from Primark, basic check shirt can be worn with out without

Hope this has giving some inspiration


Beauty products I use

Bacis budget items I get

Would you like to know more

click here


Recent Primark shopping haul


I got such a bargain on my visit to Primark store recently

If you like to see what I got including brushes, makeup, lip kits and more for under 40 UK Pounds, click here


Palmer’s Coconut oil formula haircare products review

So here is my review on using Palmer’s coconut oil formula hair care products.  Above are the shampoo and repairing conditioner. You know the routine. Apply shampoo, massage in hair, rinse. I did this process twice as I have Afro texture hair. Then I applied the repairing conditioner, left to settle on my hair for around 5-10 minutes, then rinsed out thoroughly. I towel dried my hair then applied the Strong roots spray and leave in conditioner spray, picture below.

I loved the fragrance of each product apart from the Strong roots spray. I was very grateful to receive this products to try. You should be available to find these in drugstores, as I have seen the products in Superdrugs in the UK. Or check out the palmers website.

Also these products have

  • no dyes
  • no sulphates
  • no parabens
  • no phthalates
  • no mineral oil
  • no gluten

I always loved Palmers original Cocoa Butter Body lotion, but you know what? its good to try new things which I am doing.

Palmers is a well established brand

Plus here is my short first impressions video

Hope this was a good read


Whats in My Ebony Box July 2017 | Missybeelondon



My Ebony box is a monthly beauty box subscription, delivered to your door.  I enjoy getting this box every month, because I know I will use most of the products in this box, especially as they are catered for women of colour.

So what is included in this months box?


African print luggage tag made by Feed my Creative  a very useful item to put on your luggage when travelling.

WOKE sleep mask by founder design My Ebony box much needed when trying to sleep in the daytime, or when the sun rises early in the mornings

Eight – leave in conditioner by Jim + Henry   A very nice smelling conditioner made with Shea and rosemary essence. Will be trying this out soon.

Blueberry scrub by Soap Connoisseur smells very nice,  can’t wait to use this scrub.  Also made with natural ingredients

Goddess necklace, handmade in the USA. My Ebony Box  Very pretty. So glad it fit my big neck. A pretty symbol design.

Glorious fist badge designed by founders design by My Ebony Box.  Love me a badge I do

Fruit infused water 250ml by Phrooti  all I can say while filming unboxing video on YouTube, I was very thirsty.  Been having many hot days here in the UK.  so I had to drink it after filming and taking pictures. Must say it is very refreshing, low in calories. Getting a natural fruity boost.

Last of all is

Anti-bacterial hand wipes by Purell  everybody need anti-bacterial  wipes especially when outside,  my main example will be using public transport and touching handles and poles after other people have touched it.  Very risky during flu season, great addition to the box

My favorite item in the box is…………………………… Can you guess?  Well it is the WOKE sleep mask.




Birchbox July 2017

So what is included in this months Birchbox

I mean check out the contents above in a nice summer themed box.

So here are the contents

Benefit cosmetics lip and cheek stain. A very nice product I can put on my lips, but I have decided to include it in my giveaway, once I hit a milestone on my YouTube channel, missybeelondon.

Balance me, micellar water, sample size. I hope to use this product in the future, a great addition to birchbox.

Percy & Reed overnight recovery cream, sample size. A very nice produce I will be using very soon.

Rituals hammam delight foaming shower gel. I have a few Ritual products, so delighted that this was included. And of course I will be using this soon.

Catherine Malandrino Romance EDP sample size, smells very floral. And I can pop it in my handbag.

Finally my favourite item is the POP beauty eyeshadow palette, Champagne Mocha. I love the colours in this palette, and know I can create many looks, and colours suit my skin tone.


Afrocenchix Soothe Natural scalp oil review

Here is my review on Afrocenchix natural soothe scalp oil.

I received this item in a monthly beauty box subscription called My Ebony box, couple months ago.

I have been using this scalp oil for awhile now. I like to use it after I have washed and conditioned my hair and it is damp dry. And I notice my scalp is less itchy when I use this oil

It is such a nice product to use on my hair, alittle goes along way. It has a nice smell to it. Made from natural ingredients including olive oil, almond oil, and lemon essential oil.

Also is

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Free from parabens
  • Free from mineral oil
  • Free from artificial fragrance
  • Vegan friendly
  • Never tested on animals
  • Sustainably produced

And is very good on afro texture hair like myself.

A must have item ur scalp will love.


My Pride London 2017

Hear is a short video of my adventures of being a volunteer for Pride in London 2017.

Have a watch and enjoy


Watch “New Chunky kinky twist hair installation | protective style | missybeelondon” on YouTube

Here is a quick video of how I installed chunky kinky twist hair in my head.

Bear with me it has been awhile, and only recently I have started to get creative with my natural hair.

This is a protective style, but I hope to do future natural hairstyle videos to in the future.

Thanks for watching


Aiko Naturals Luxury Shea body product review

Here is my review on Aiko natural luxury shea

Since I ran out off my fabulous Palmers Cocoa Butter, I thought let me try this product out.

I got it in my monthly beauty box subscription my ebony box which has products for women of colour, body products, hair products, savoury condements, hair accessories and jewellery accessories.

I have been using Aiko naturals Luxury Shea for around 3 weeks now. It is a very nice product I am using. Absorbs in my skin quickly, has a nice light fragrant smell, not to strong. Great smooth texture, and easily manageable. I use it mainly on my lower legs and feet as these are the driest areas on my body, and it does its job well, moisturising the areas. No issues at all with it. Will purchase more once I have finished what I have. Oh and it is 100% natural and 100% organic. Which is a added bonus as I am trying to use products with the least or no chemicals.

Ingredients include unrefined Shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, lemon oil, acia berry oil, and a few more natural ingredients.

“Aiko naturals – is handcrafted with pure & dynamic ingredients sourced ethically, organic and trusted producers”


Random photos taken on my new Sony alpha a5000 camera

Here is a slideshow of pictures taken with my new Sony alpha a5000 camera.

But need to take some in nighttime lighting and when the sun is out proper here in London.


Birchbox what’s was in June box, this is my first box.

Birchbox June 2017 review

This is my first birchbox.
I am pleasantly surprised with the contents, and the purse the contents came in.

Basically I am trying out different beauty box subscriptions, I had my run with glossybox. And now trying out other boxes.

The theme for June birchbox is Day tripping, has 5 items
The contents are as follows –
-Full size MeechNMia brow pencil
I think it’s a browny black colour I received. It is used on eye brows to even out uneveness. Cruelty free formula. Not really sure if I will use it to be honest, but can maybe use it as a eyeliner.

-Amiko perk up dry shampoo.
Well I don’t really use dry shampoo, for my Afro hair, so I guess this will be gifted to a friend. This is claimed to be like a shot of espresso for your hair. Hydrates, strengthens, rejuvenates healthy hair, no washing required.

-Full size Cowshed cow pat hand cream.
I don’t really use hand cream often, but it will be useful in the colder months. Has a cheeky name, nourishing hand lotion, which includes the ingredients of grapefruit, and coriander. To leave skin moisturised, toned and supple

-Scrub love coffee body scrub
Made from 100% natural ingredients, which exfoliates the skin, to remove dead skin cells and hydrates the skin. Coffee is a ingredient.

-Cynthia Rawley beauty brightening illuminator.
Claims to be a suit all highlighter is great for adding a healthy dose of radiance to all skin tones. I don’t use highlighters, so will give this a good. Hope to see good results from using it.

And I nearly forgot to say, all products came in a very nice and sassy cosmetics case, yellow and pink stripes. How handy is that, plus practical too.


More information on Birchbox



“My fave beauty and hair products | missybeelondon” on YouTube

Here is my blog post to associate with my YouTube video, my fave beauty and hair products.

Freedom pro conceal and correct palette www.tambeauty.com since I got this, it has been my go to concealer under my eyes and around dark areas of my mouth, I only use one shade even though there are 6 shades on the palette, but have not experimented with all the shades yet. Guess I need to do that.

Leo lip gloss http://www.tambeauty.com my favourite go to lip gloss to date, as I have forgotten what I used to wear before, plus I have many lip glosses and lipsticks, lol
Silicone facial cleansing pad £1.50 from Primark. Since I got this couple months ago and started to use it. I feel my face I cleaner, the texturised surface massages the skin on my face, improves circulation at the same time, and really gets into the skin to remove particles dirt build up and makeup. A Best Buy a a cost of only £1.50
Palmers cocoa butter micro fine exfoliating facial scrub, which I was given at a event in May, and had to try it as I do not have any exfoliating scrub. Was pleasantly surprised how good it is. I would say I use it every other day. And it is not to harsh that you can not use it regular.
Dudu osun black soap 99p in hair supplies stores, this has been I product I have been using since early on in the year, and noticed results mainly on my face especially, even though I use it on my body also. Made from natural ingredients as well.
Garnier rose water tonic can be purchased in many places, I was previously using the same brand but cleansing milk, but as the weather got hotter I thought to try out and use the tonic. I am very happy with this product, and it does not dry out my combination skin.
Body shop tea tree anti-imperfection daily solution http://www.bodyshop.co.uk  I found out about this from another youtuber, and thought to try it as well. And glad I got it from my local body shop store. As we know tea tree has amazing properties on helping combat blemishes and spots. Which I noticed when I started using it over a month ago in May 2017.
Technic bronzing eye shadow purchased on ebay, I got this awhile back and has been my got to eyeshadow palette, even though I have many more, lol. The colours are really pigmented which I love, and pop out when applied to eyelids.
My ebony box http://www.myebonybox.com Which is my fave monthly beauty box subscription, I have done many unboxing videos on my youtube channel, to see what is inside the boxes. I especially love it has the contents are catered for women of colour and products and items I do use, unlike other beauty boxes.
Charlene’s hairipy hair products http://www.charleneshairipy.co.uk OMG what can I say about Charlene’s hairipy products, since using them many months ago, I noticed the difference on my natural afro hair. It is more stronger in general. Made from natural vegan ingredients.
Eco styler gel coconut purchased from a hair supply store, I decided to try this gel after seeing many videos and creations created using the gel. slightly sceptical if it would be ok in my hair, but was pleasantly happy with styles I created using the gel. and will off course use it in future hairstyles where needed.
afrocenchix soothe natural scalp oil http://www.afrocenchix.co.uk Which I would use after I wash my hair, to apply and nourish my scalp, which it does. Smells very nice too.
Shetai hair care butter http://www.shetai.co.uk I would use this while styling my hair, made with natural vegan ingredients too. Have no problems with it
fit4akiing charcoal toothpaste http://www.fit4akiing.com This is the natural toothpaste I use. Made from natural ingredients, noticed improvements on my teeth. I don’t experience any gum infections anymore.


“Glossybox unboxing | June 2017 | missybeelondon” on YouTube

Glossybox June 2017
Here is the contents of the box

You can also watch the youtube video above to see me unbox the glossybox.


This is unfortunately my last glossybox.

111skin space – defense bright eye lift gel

A very nice item to be included in this box, as I have bags under my eyes.

And 111skin states that this gel reduces the appearance of dark circles, minimising puffiness and softens the appearance of fine line. So good

Sleek makeup – power plump lips crayon

I must admit I do like the colour, and hope it looks nice when I try it on. And I know Sleek makeup as a brand is  very good. Another item to add my makeup bag.

Eness cosmetics – argan oil hand cream

I ain’t a big fan of hand creams right now, especially when the weather is so warm. Argan oil is such a body beneficial ingredient. It’s also great that it is normal size, sample size.

Batiste – heat and shine spray

To be frank it is a good product. But not suitable in my opinion for Afro hair, and would never try this I’m my hair.

Manna kadar cosmetics – sheer glo

I am unsure is this is suitable for my skin tone, but will give it a try

Beautypro –  Black diamond

Such a shame it’s sample sachet size 🙁  Would of been great if it was normal bottle size, not a sample. Black diamond has activated charcoal which is a pure ingredient. Very good to know.


Overall the items I get in glossybox varies, because some products I don’t think are suitable for women of colour. And at the end don’t use them.

So there are always items I don’t use, which is such a waste.

This will be my last glossybox, as there are many many many other monthly beauty box subscription to try.

I have had a good run with glossybox, as this is my fourth box.




“My Ebony box unboxing | June 2017 | missybeelondon” on YouTube

Here is my blog post to associate with the YouTube video of me unboxing My ebony box. Which is a monthly beauty box subscription catered for women of colour.  www.myebonybox.com

This is what was in June box.

Multiuse blue scarf/headwrap/sarong. www.myebonybox.com  this is a very practical item to have with so much uses. Plus I also love the colour as well. Will be using it soon, and posting the pictures up on my instagram.

She who believed silver bracelet  www.myebonybox.com I was about scared that it might not fit my big old wrists, but was so happy when I tried it on in the unboxing, that it fitted perfectly. And not tight on my wrist. Due to it being adjustable.

Borne beautiful naturals shampoo and conditioner www.bornebeautifulnaturals.co.uk   It looks very nice and can’t wait to use these products when I was my Afro hair next. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell very nice. Sulfate free, no parabens, no mineral oils, no petroleum, no tea or dea. Which I am guessing keeps the ingredients at it pruest.
Burt’s Levi Roots reggae reggae crisps www.burtschips.com to be honest I really didn’t know that there was a Levi roots crisps. It was a great item to add to the box. Will be eating them tomorrow.
Joliette Caribbean coconut whipped Shea butter sample www.afrodeity.co.uk I really can’t wait to try this out.
Yogi womens energy tea www.yogiproducts.com   To be honest I am not a big herbal tea drinker, but I am willing to try this sachet of tea out, as it promotes positive energy.

I really am happy with all the items in this months box, can’t wait to see what’s in-store for Julys box. This is my favorite monthly beauty box subscription to date. And this is the 4th box from my ebony box.



Useful Vlogging equipment needed to do youtube video, minus a savvy camera


Here is the equipment I use which have helped when making youtube videos

Sabrent external microphone for mobiles, which I use to get better sound quality on my videos


Dome lights, which I use for extra lighting as I need it http://amzn.to/2nBJIxd

Neewer ring light, which I use as my source of lighting when recording videos, because natural lighting is not very good where I like, the best place is my bathroom, and really don’t want to record in my bathroom, lol  http://amzn.to/2n1iUux

Colour filters for ring light  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311584946752

Stand, which is uses for the ring light http://amzn.to/2m4vy7N

Shoe adapter, which I used to put the phone or camera on the stand, http://amzn.to/2n8Ak4V

Colour filters for ring light  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311584946752

lumee case for iPhone 6, for great selfies,  http://amzn.to/2mnO5i3


Here is a video before I started to use extra lighting, when I began my channel, I was using a normal table lamp for lighting


Here is video using extra lighting


You can see the difference minus picture quality


I hope this is useful





Watch “Primark selfie style | plus size fashion | summer lookbook | missybeelondon” on YouTube




Here are pieces of clothing that I got recently got from Primark store in central London.  Nearly forgot to say I am plus size UK 20 in clothing.

Its funny when people say the camera puts pounds on you, total opposite with me, as I look slimmer in the pictures than real life, or have I lost couple pounds, lol.



Enjoy the quick video, and below I will give u my thoughts on each item



First look is the blue top with knot design at the front and long at the back, which cost £5 uk size 18 made from 100% polyester

matched with black high waisted skinny jeans  which cost £12 was previously £13  uk size 20

I chose to put both of these together, because they go together.

I love how the top is long at the back to cover my bum bum, and black jeans make you look skinny anyways

Second look was with the black floral patterned kaftan, which cost £8  uk size X-large, made from 100% polyester

I choose it cos its nice and flows and breathable light material for warm summer days and nights and covers up my big belly.

Third look was the bright yellow which cost £8  uk size 20, made from 100% polyester

with the black high waisted skinny jeans £12  uk size 20 made from

even though the colour of the top is bright, it is a very nice colour to wear, breathable, light and flowy, would if preferred it to be slightly longer, but I am comfortable with it anyways. And also has a 3 button detail on the shoulder, which gives it a unique look.

Fourth look is the ivory top which cost £6  uk size 20, made from 100% polyester

with black and white tribal design comfy pants which cost £6  uk size 18 made from 96% polyester and 4% elastane

very surprised the pants fit, size 20 was not available, think because the elastane material made it stretchy thats why it fit, but no pockets.

I paired these to together because the colours match, its a nice casual look as well, and the cream top has a drawstring at the sides. and the pants has faux drawstrings, as in the drawstring does nothing to the waist, but just look good. The waist is elasticated and very secure around the waist.

Fifth look is the black top with a knot detail at the front and long at the back, which cost £5   uk size 20 made from 100% polyester

Sixth look is the kaftan with the black and white tribal print pants, just to see how the kaftan would be paired with other clothing .

Seventh look is the nice floral patterned dress which only cost £6, yes £6  uk size 20

Made from 100% polyester

this was a random buy and really didn’t think it would suit me, but it did, so happy I put it and kept in the basket at checkout as well. I have big arms and would of worn this dress with a cardigan, maybe a colour that is on the dress so it matches or even a demin jacket.
There were a few items that didn’t make the cut, due to not fitting well

summer shorts which were uk size 20, £8 each made from 100% cotton, but no give or stretch because no elastane, they just did not fit me :(:(

awaiting image to update
Also different colour tribal trousers, uk size 20, made from 100% viscose :(:( with no elastane.

awaiting image to update

Hope this was a simple read, thanks





First impressions of using Palmers Micro fine exfoliating facial scrub.

I was given this exfoliating scrub in a goodie bag from a event I went to recently at Afro hair and beauty live event, in London.

I used it for the first time after I had makeup on my face for a YouTube video I had just did.

Well what can I say………………..

It has a nice aroma, I applied it to my silicone facial cleansing pad. Applied a small amount and massaged it on my face to remove the makeup on my face.

It worked wonders so easily. When I rinsed my face, it felt so clean and refreshed.

And don’t forget to moisturise your face after drying.

The micro fine exfoliating properties from crushed walnut shells, and cocoa powder, were great ingredients to be included in this product.

Ingredients include cocoa powder, evening primrose, crushed walnut shells, and shea butter.

Also 100% free of parabens, phthalates dyes, hence the natural colour of this scrub.

And is suitable for sensitive skin 🙂

It is recommended that you can use this product 2-3 times a week or more. It just depends on skin sensitivity.



First impressions of Palmers Raw Shea hand cream


Here is my first impressions of using Palmers raw Shea hand cream.

Which I got given in goodies bag, from a recent event I attended, Afro hair and beauty live event, London, in May 2017.


To be honest I don’t use hand cream regular, as I am industrial with my hands and always washing them.

But I was pleasantly surprised with this hand cream.

First application, it has a very nice fragrance, unlike the familiar cocoa butter original fragrance. But this is not cocoa butter, lol

It’s not too greasy, which I liked alot, as I do not like having greasy hands. The hand cream absorbed really quickly into my hands as well, which is very good.

I always have it in my bag when out for when my hands are dry.

Thanks Palmers

More information can be obtained by the link below, or by clicking on the images




Mo’mineral makeup first impressions review

So I was sent some makeup to review in the post, from Mo’mineral makeup


Which was received last week.

This is my first try on review of the samples, I was given 3 different mineral powder foundation shades, and juicy shade lipstick

IMM MMA – which I think was the darkest shade of brown, which I put on my right cheek

Second shade EWA – which I felt was more of a richer warmer brown shade, I applied on my left cheek

And the last powder foundation shade was MHLE, which I think is a paler brown shade, which I applied to my forehead.

Juicy lipstick shade, which looking at it, thought it was about bright, as I am used to wearing darker shades.

Instagram picture

Click on the below picture to watch to video

Check out the youtube video where you can watch me apply the makeup


So lets get to the review of the products

First let me start by saying that I have oily/combination skin.

I primed my face before I put all the powder foundations on.

Easy application with the makeup brush, I didn’t use to much on each part of my face. Because sometimes if u apply too much powder the face looks ashy and not good.

All mineral foundation shade we’re similar in colour, my favorite is EWA the brown had a warm undertone.

I think I am very fortunate not to have my scaring or spots on my face.
So when the power mineral foundations was applied, it made my skin look evened out, and flawless

So coverage was pretty good, like I said previously I was unsure about the juicy lipstick colour, but it looked good on my lips, kinda nude looking.

I did not apply finishing powder or setting spray, to see hope the mineral makeup withheld on its own.

After more than 2 hours, my face was slightly shiny, but remember I have oily combination skin, plus I was not heavy with the products ,

Overall I think mo’mineral makeup is a very good makeup for women of colour, and suitable for a different skin types (dry, combination, oily)

Bear in mind no foundation was applied to my nose or above my lips or under my lips, you can see the subtle difference.

I give mo’mineral makeup 10/10, the mineral foundation will come in useful during the warm summer



Dudu osun Black soap review and my thoughts

I have been using Dudu osun black soap on my face and body from since January 2017 now, with no issues.
Here are some facts about it
– Its made from natural ingredients
– Helps relieve acne, oily skin, and other skin problems
– Great for any skin types
– Benefits against premature facial lines and wrinkles
– ingredients include pure honey, shea butter, cocoa pod ash, aloe vera, lemon juice, lime juice, water, and a few more ingredients
– No additives
– No harsh chemicals
– No preservatives
– No artificial colouring
– 100% raw

My skin is much better in general especially as I have combination skin.

I really have noticed the difference since using this soap, but I want to try out a different brand, because I have heard the ingredients are better.

Plus the store is local to me, they offer delivery service too


And I have been hearing rave reviews on it
Plus also discovered another branded black soap from a event I went to recently, Mon Shea


Here is my YouTube video about black soap



Fit4akiing | activated charcoal black toothpaste | missybeelondon 

here is my product review and opinion on using fit4akiing activated charcoal black toothpaste.
I have been using this product for a few months now.

I am very happy using this product and feel it is much better than using normal toothpaste.
Happy with the fact the it is a natural product.
I do not get gum infections like how I used to before
I notice the difference on my teeth.

Here are some facts about it

  • Its made from natural ingredients
  • 100% fluoride free
  • Strengthens gums
  • Removes toxins
  • Helps combat gum disease
  • Coconut oil is very beneficial qualities
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% natural
  • 100% gluten free
  • the granules in the toothpaste clean teeth better, like polish the teeth

random question

Do me a favour, do you know exactly what all the ingredients are in normal toothpaste?





Watch “My ebony box | unboxing | May 2017 | missybeelondon” on YouTube

My ebony box is a monthly beauty box, catered for women of colour.


So what was inside my May box?

Here we go

Aiko naturals luxury Shea butter with precious oils, which is used in hair and the body  www.akionaturals.co.uk

Rommel London gold eye liner www.rimmel.com

Scotch bonnet sauce sample, by tropical paradise preserve

Shea and coconut oil by Gro healthy www.grohealthy.co.uk

Queen makeup / pencil case www.myebonybox.com

Bea skin care, facial cleanser www.bea-skincare.com


My latest video on my Youtube channel