eBay rant | dum dum dum | missybeelondon

This is me having a small rant about eBay. And highlighting the fact that when you order products online, when you receive it, make sure it has the ingredients on it.

I am not trying to say the product was dodgy. It’s just a thing you should always look for.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask first try on | missybeelondon


Like I said in the video, I had been seeing this mask on many occasions when I went to shop at Superdrugs. So had to try it.

Which you see me do in the video.

It is a good mask, but didn’t really think it did much to my face, when I took it off.

My skin just absorbed the moisture for the mask, and I had to use a moisturizer after.

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Maybe I went slightly crazy with all this makeup, but could not help it.