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Here is my blog post to associate with my YouTube video, my fave beauty and hair products.

Freedom pro conceal and correct palette www.tambeauty.com since I got this, it has been my go to concealer under my eyes and around dark areas of my mouth, I only use one shade even though there are 6 shades on the palette, but have not experimented with all the shades yet. Guess I need to do that.

Leo lip gloss http://www.tambeauty.com my favourite go to lip gloss to date, as I have forgotten what I used to wear before, plus I have many lip glosses and lipsticks, lol
Silicone facial cleansing pad £1.50 from Primark. Since I got this couple months ago and started to use it. I feel my face I cleaner, the texturised surface massages the skin on my face, improves circulation at the same time, and really gets into the skin to remove particles dirt build up and makeup. A Best Buy a a cost of only £1.50
Palmers cocoa butter micro fine exfoliating facial scrub, which I was given at a event in May, and had to try it as I do not have any exfoliating scrub. Was pleasantly surprised how good it is. I would say I use it every other day. And it is not to harsh that you can not use it regular.
Dudu osun black soap 99p in hair supplies stores, this has been I product I have been using since early on in the year, and noticed results mainly on my face especially, even though I use it on my body also. Made from natural ingredients as well.
Garnier rose water tonic can be purchased in many places, I was previously using the same brand but cleansing milk, but as the weather got hotter I thought to try out and use the tonic. I am very happy with this product, and it does not dry out my combination skin.
Body shop tea tree anti-imperfection daily solution http://www.bodyshop.co.uk  I found out about this from another youtuber, and thought to try it as well. And glad I got it from my local body shop store. As we know tea tree has amazing properties on helping combat blemishes and spots. Which I noticed when I started using it over a month ago in May 2017.
Technic bronzing eye shadow purchased on ebay, I got this awhile back and has been my got to eyeshadow palette, even though I have many more, lol. The colours are really pigmented which I love, and pop out when applied to eyelids.
My ebony box http://www.myebonybox.com Which is my fave monthly beauty box subscription, I have done many unboxing videos on my youtube channel, to see what is inside the boxes. I especially love it has the contents are catered for women of colour and products and items I do use, unlike other beauty boxes.
Charlene’s hairipy hair products http://www.charleneshairipy.co.uk OMG what can I say about Charlene’s hairipy products, since using them many months ago, I noticed the difference on my natural afro hair. It is more stronger in general. Made from natural vegan ingredients.
Eco styler gel coconut purchased from a hair supply store, I decided to try this gel after seeing many videos and creations created using the gel. slightly sceptical if it would be ok in my hair, but was pleasantly happy with styles I created using the gel. and will off course use it in future hairstyles where needed.
afrocenchix soothe natural scalp oil http://www.afrocenchix.co.uk Which I would use after I wash my hair, to apply and nourish my scalp, which it does. Smells very nice too.
Shetai hair care butter http://www.shetai.co.uk I would use this while styling my hair, made with natural vegan ingredients too. Have no problems with it
fit4akiing charcoal toothpaste http://www.fit4akiing.com This is the natural toothpaste I use. Made from natural ingredients, noticed improvements on my teeth. I don’t experience any gum infections anymore.

Watch “My cheap April favourite beauty products” on YouTube

Here is a quick video of my April faves beauty products I used.
My fave April beauty products as follows
African black soap, which I used every on my body and face, and sometimes in my hair to wash it also.


Superdrugs cleansing facial wipes

which I only discovered recently, when me and my cousin went to Superdrugs store, she wanted the facial wipes and they were on offer so I got one to. And happy that I got them. They come very handy when your face is oily and shiny outer. Great buy. www.superdrugs.co.uk

Boots eye cream

Which was a random purchase when I was looking for a eye cream in boots and was reasonablely priced, so I thought let me try this. Been using it ever since for the past couple of months www.boots.com

Collection primer from Superdrugs

Which was a purchase because I was looking for a primer, I was going to get the maybelline brand, but choose collections, because of the cheaper price difference. It was like if I was not happy with this primer, then I would of got the maybelline brand. I am very happy with this primer and again glad I chose it. I even use it just as a base product on its own, because it helps with my shiny face, lol

Cotton wool pads 35p from Morrisions

Which is the epic bargain of them all. 35p in Morrison’s. So glad I spotted it in the baby asile. The size is very good as u can get plenty product on it, as in toner, cleansing milk, makeup remover and many more, to use on your face. Epic  35p cotton pads.

Garnier skinactive rose water cleansing milk

Which was a recent purchase as I was advised I have combination skin. Which means my t-zone is oily and my cheeks are are dry. I had been use this product, and glad I took the advice, and rushed out to get it in Superdrugs. I used to use Garnier micellar water, but noticed it used to dry out my skin. Garnier rose water cleansing milk is less harsh on my skin, and I notice the difference. www.garnier.com

Boots botanics eye makeup remover

Being a makeup model at London makeup school, this product was used to remove makeup from eyes and lips. So thought to purchase this at Boots store. And I use it often www.boots.com

Palmers cocoa butter moisturiser

OMG the best body moisturiser, I have used and been using it for many many years. Love Palmers cocoa butter so much. Nothing bad about, I use it during the summer and winter, all year around. www.palmers.com

NYX foundation cocoa

Well basically when I heard NYX was opening a store in London, I have to go and check it out. Was uncertain to order from the internet, because sometimes it is best to see products in real life. The assistant helped me find the right shade for my skin tone and could not believe how well it blended and the price £6, compared to a previous foundation I got from another makeup store and paused 5 times the price and never really liked it. NXY Is my one shop for makeup and second is Makeup revolution.

Fit4akiing activated black charcoal toothpaste

I have been using this charcoal toothpaste for awhile, and happy with the results of using it. I feel it cleans my teeth better than normal toothpaste. Since using it I don’t get gum infections anymore. Teeth also look whiter as well. So happy with this product. www.fit4akiing.com  WORLDWIDE DELIVERY




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