Discovering Aviela




Get to know Aviela, it was founded in 2007. WOW 10 years ago, can you believe this.   The founder discovered the properties unrefined Shea butter has, and decided to incorporated the special ingredient into there products.

I myself found out about Aviela while on my search for natural products to use for my hair and body.

After communications via internet. Aviela asked if I would like to use and do a review on there products.  My answer was “yes”, and I was able to choose which products I like too.

I am a practical person, so I chose wisely.

I chose

  • Aviela Shea body lotion, Shea in a bottle BRILLIANT!!!! for the body
  • Aviela Pure Shea Butter, proper unrefined Shea, can be used on the body and hair
  • Aviela Healthy Hair Shea Butter, you saw hair so it is used in hair.

I have been using all these 3 products for over 1 month now.

So here are my thoughts on each.  And I am so glad to be given the opportunity to choose the products also.



So first is the Aviela Shea Body lotion. This is my go too skin lotion, and use it nearly everyday. The bottle is more less half empty now.  It has a great consistancy and absorbs into my skin quickly.  Has natural ingredients including Shea butter, Coconut oil, Hazelnut oil.       Smells very nice indeed, and is very protective on my skin even though the season has changed and the weather has gotten colder.


Second is Aviela Pure Shea Butter.  This is the proper Shea. Made in Ghana.  Very solid and has no odour. I used this when I didn’t use the body lotion. It’s easy to apply on my skin, and absorbs nicely. Great investment for your skin.



Third is Aviela Healthy Hair Shea Butter.  It has no silicones, no parabens, no petroleum, no mineral oils, and no artificial colours.  I use this mainly after I wash my hair. Which has been several times since have this butter.  The main ingredients are of course Shea Butter, Coconut oil, and Olive oil all beneficial for healthy hair.  It hydrated my hair and leaves it smelling very nice and fragrant.  I have added this butter to my fave hair products collection.
Overall I love I was given a chance to use these natural products. That my hair and body love.

Life really is about discovering and learning.

Check out Aviela

They have much more Shea butter products for well being, hair, and body to choose from.

Side note I really should have a blog post about the fave hair and beauty products I use.

I hope this was a good read.

Thank you


Dudu osun Black soap review and my thoughts

I have been using Dudu osun black soap on my face and body from since January 2017 now, with no issues.
Here are some facts about it
– Its made from natural ingredients
– Helps relieve acne, oily skin, and other skin problems
– Great for any skin types
– Benefits against premature facial lines and wrinkles
– ingredients include pure honey, shea butter, cocoa pod ash, aloe vera, lemon juice, lime juice, water, and a few more ingredients
– No additives
– No harsh chemicals
– No preservatives
– No artificial colouring
– 100% raw

My skin is much better in general especially as I have combination skin.

I really have noticed the difference since using this soap, but I want to try out a different brand, because I have heard the ingredients are better.

Plus the store is local to me, they offer delivery service too

And I have been hearing rave reviews on it
Plus also discovered another branded black soap from a event I went to recently, Mon Shea

Here is my YouTube video about black soap