Welcome back

Well can you believe we are almost halfway through the year already.

Time flys when you are having fun or working, lol

I let some things distract me from my social media game, and only now crawling back to grab it with both hands

Where do I start or shall I say continue ????

I am so out of sync, when was the last time i wrote a blog post.

These are just my thoughts anyways

I do hope to get back into the routine of things.

Because I know in myself I have alot to talk about and share.

But its just being focused and not getting too distracted by other things going on.

My main aim for being on social media is to share what I do and learn too.

This year I went through many phases doing podcasts and all that.

I am or shall I say i have been very consistent on my YouTube channel and my instagram page.

But when IGTV dropped last week on Instagram, it was a game changer, to be honest I have been thinking about my YouTube channel and the future of it, all I know i will be doing videos for my IGTV, and its the best place because i have more audience there to…….

So from now to the end on the year my aims are to –

– From July 2018 create minimum 3 blog posts per month

– Do public speaking at a event before the year is over, bear in mind i suffer from social anxiety

– Do more collaborations with Brands

– Eventually have my online store

– Challenge myself more every month

– Host a event

– Explore avenues in presenting and radio, if you do watch my YouTube videos I enjoy doing voiceover

And I guess there will be more………….

Before I go here are my social media links for you to find me and see what i am upto 😊

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/missybeelondon

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/missybeelondon

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/missybeelondonblogger

Twitter https://www.twitter.com/missybeelondon

Watch “New Chunky kinky twist hair installation | protective style | missybeelondon” on YouTube

Here is a quick video of how I installed chunky kinky twist hair in my head.

Bear with me it has been awhile, and only recently I have started to get creative with my natural hair.

This is a protective style, but I hope to do future natural hairstyle videos to in the future.

Thanks for watching

Watch “Primark selfie style | plus size fashion | summer lookbook | missybeelondon” on YouTube




Here are pieces of clothing that I got recently got from Primark store in central London.  Nearly forgot to say I am plus size UK 20 in clothing.

Its funny when people say the camera puts pounds on you, total opposite with me, as I look slimmer in the pictures than real life, or have I lost couple pounds, lol.



Enjoy the quick video, and below I will give u my thoughts on each item



First look is the blue top with knot design at the front and long at the back, which cost £5 uk size 18 made from 100% polyester

matched with black high waisted skinny jeans  which cost £12 was previously £13  uk size 20

I chose to put both of these together, because they go together.

I love how the top is long at the back to cover my bum bum, and black jeans make you look skinny anyways

Second look was with the black floral patterned kaftan, which cost £8  uk size X-large, made from 100% polyester

I choose it cos its nice and flows and breathable light material for warm summer days and nights and covers up my big belly.

Third look was the bright yellow which cost £8  uk size 20, made from 100% polyester

with the black high waisted skinny jeans £12  uk size 20 made from

even though the colour of the top is bright, it is a very nice colour to wear, breathable, light and flowy, would if preferred it to be slightly longer, but I am comfortable with it anyways. And also has a 3 button detail on the shoulder, which gives it a unique look.

Fourth look is the ivory top which cost £6  uk size 20, made from 100% polyester

with black and white tribal design comfy pants which cost £6  uk size 18 made from 96% polyester and 4% elastane

very surprised the pants fit, size 20 was not available, think because the elastane material made it stretchy thats why it fit, but no pockets.

I paired these to together because the colours match, its a nice casual look as well, and the cream top has a drawstring at the sides. and the pants has faux drawstrings, as in the drawstring does nothing to the waist, but just look good. The waist is elasticated and very secure around the waist.

Fifth look is the black top with a knot detail at the front and long at the back, which cost £5   uk size 20 made from 100% polyester

Sixth look is the kaftan with the black and white tribal print pants, just to see how the kaftan would be paired with other clothing .

Seventh look is the nice floral patterned dress which only cost £6, yes £6  uk size 20

Made from 100% polyester

this was a random buy and really didn’t think it would suit me, but it did, so happy I put it and kept in the basket at checkout as well. I have big arms and would of worn this dress with a cardigan, maybe a colour that is on the dress so it matches or even a demin jacket.
There were a few items that didn’t make the cut, due to not fitting well

summer shorts which were uk size 20, £8 each made from 100% cotton, but no give or stretch because no elastane, they just did not fit me :(:(

awaiting image to update
Also different colour tribal trousers, uk size 20, made from 100% viscose :(:( with no elastane.

awaiting image to update

Hope this was a simple read, thanks




Watch “Summer lookbook from Primark May 2017 | missybeelondon” on YouTube

Here are my favourite pieces I got from Primark in May 2017. all clothing is in UK size 20. And so glad they fit me well.

First look u went casual with a orange top, and floral design trousers, nice and comfortable

Second look was the orange maxi dress, very summery, wouldn’t usually go for this especially as it shows my arms off, but I am trying to wear bolder colours and be confident with myself.

Third look is the cream top and demon colour blue skirt. Very comfortable.

Yes I like to wear clothes I am comfortable in.

Fourth look is the khaki dress., not the usually dress I would, but I loved it.

The fifth look is the blue dress, it’s very nice a comfortable.

If you would like me to wear your clothing, let me know. Thanks