Watch “Shetai hair butter | easy natural hairstyle | missybeelondon” on YouTube

here is a simple hairstyle i created using shetai hair butter.

i am very happy with this product, plus it is made from natural vegan ingredients.

More hairstyles to come shortly

Watch “Natural simple curls on afro hair hairstyle | missybeelondon” on YouTube

So wash day is here.

I washed my hair with Charlene’s hairipy hair care products,
conditioned and I show you how I style my hair.

Using silicone curlers
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if you like to see me do more natural hairstyles, leave a comment below.


Twistout video

In this video you will see me create a easy simple twistout hairstyle on my natural hair.

So basically I used coconut oil eco styler gel on the twists.

Left overnight

Took out twists the following day and styled, as you will see in the video.

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