Welcome back

Well can you believe we are almost halfway through the year already.

Time flys when you are having fun or working, lol

I let some things distract me from my social media game, and only now crawling back to grab it with both hands

Where do I start or shall I say continue ????

I am so out of sync, when was the last time i wrote a blog post.

These are just my thoughts anyways

I do hope to get back into the routine of things.

Because I know in myself I have alot to talk about and share.

But its just being focused and not getting too distracted by other things going on.

My main aim for being on social media is to share what I do and learn too.

This year I went through many phases doing podcasts and all that.

I am or shall I say i have been very consistent on my YouTube channel and my instagram page.

But when IGTV dropped last week on Instagram, it was a game changer, to be honest I have been thinking about my YouTube channel and the future of it, all I know i will be doing videos for my IGTV, and its the best place because i have more audience there to…….

So from now to the end on the year my aims are to –

– From July 2018 create minimum 3 blog posts per month

– Do public speaking at a event before the year is over, bear in mind i suffer from social anxiety

– Do more collaborations with Brands

– Eventually have my online store

– Challenge myself more every month

– Host a event

– Explore avenues in presenting and radio, if you do watch my YouTube videos I enjoy doing voiceover

And I guess there will be more………….

Before I go here are my social media links for you to find me and see what i am upto ūüėä

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/missybeelondon

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/missybeelondon

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/missybeelondonblogger

Twitter https://www.twitter.com/missybeelondon

Simple quick short hair hairstyle 

This is a quick and easy short hair hairstyle to do.

And I did it without a comb in my Afro hair texture.

All you need is 3 hair bands,  and divide hair into 3 sections.  To create puff Mohawk style.

I myself am trying to be more creative with my hair like how I was before, but then slipped into wearing wigs a lot and regular protective styles the I could keep in my hair for over 1 month, as in single plaits, Ghana braids, and crochet braids.

To see how watch the video below.

More simple hairstyle tutorials coming soon.

Stay tuned on my YouTube channel

Black Owned Natural products I need to use





Fit4akiing black face mask, made with activated charcoal, so will be good removing them impurities from my face. www.fit4akiing.com

Pure Goodness shea body lotion, looks so lush and made with natural ingredients, will be using soon.   http://puregoodness1.weebly.com/

Shea Island Shea Butter, for use on body and hair. Made from natural Shea butter.    www.sheaisland.com

Go Healthy Shea and Coconut oil for hair. I really can’t wait to use this, after the hair products I am using now.¬†https://www.mmproducts.com/product/gh-shea-coco-oil/

Afro Hair Solutions hot oil treatment and scalp reviver mask for hair, well I have used the scalp reviver in the little circle tin. Was very nice, with a fresh aroma. And mainly use it after I wash my hair. I have not used the hot oil treatment yet though, but soon.

##Discount code available enter TANIKA10 10% of basket



Carol Brown o’natreal Natural hair mud ¬†OMG I have so much hair products to try out and use, but this is on my list. I met the person who makes this product, at a hair event I attended and vlogged at earlier on in the year.


Jim + Henry shea for natural hair, another item I received in My Ebony box. Which I am getting closer to using after I have finished the product I am using now. http://organiquestore.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=141

Soap Connoisseur Blueberry scrub, which was included in a beauty box I receive every month, My Ebony box Smells so yummy can’t wait to use it.¬†http://www.thesoapconnoisseur.com/shop/blossoming-blueberry-whipped-sugar-scrub

Bourn Beautiful naturals shampoo and conditioner, well from the time I did the Youtube video till now. I can say I have used the shampoo and conditioner. Made with natural ingredients, both smelt nice. Hair felt good, can’t wait to use them on my next wash day.¬†http://www.bournbeautifulnaturals.uk/store/p7/Moisture_Silk_Sulfate-Free_Shampoo.html


Thanks for watching

what natural products are u using?