Useful Vlogging equipment needed to do youtube video, minus a savvy camera


Here is the equipment I use which have helped when making youtube videos

Sabrent external microphone for mobiles, which I use to get better sound quality on my videos

Dome lights, which I use for extra lighting as I need it

Neewer ring light, which I use as my source of lighting when recording videos, because natural lighting is not very good where I like, the best place is my bathroom, and really don’t want to record in my bathroom, lol

Colour filters for ring light

Stand, which is uses for the ring light

Shoe adapter, which I used to put the phone or camera on the stand,

Colour filters for ring light

lumee case for iPhone 6, for great selfies,


Here is a video before I started to use extra lighting, when I began my channel, I was using a normal table lamp for lighting

Here is video using extra lighting


You can see the difference minus picture quality


I hope this is useful