Watch “Summer lookbook from Primark May 2017 | missybeelondon” on YouTube

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Here are my favourite pieces I got from Primark in May 2017. all clothing is in UK size 20. And so glad they fit me well.

First look u went casual with a orange top, and floral design trousers, nice and comfortable

Second look was the orange maxi dress, very summery, wouldn’t usually go for this especially as it shows my arms off, but I am trying to wear bolder colours and be confident with myself.

Third look is the cream top and demon colour blue skirt. Very comfortable.

Yes I like to wear clothes I am comfortable in.

Fourth look is the khaki dress., not the usually dress I would, but I loved it.

The fifth look is the blue dress, it’s very nice a comfortable.

If you would like me to wear your clothing, let me know. Thanks



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34 thoughts on “Watch “Summer lookbook from Primark May 2017 | missybeelondon” on YouTube”

  1. Cool! I see that you are a size 20. I plan to make plus size dresses in your size and above very soon, in some of the styles I have already made and I would definitely need a plus size lady to model for me. When the weather is nice of course. If you’re up for it ?

  2. Great that they are all so comfortable, I find that gives me extra confidence. I tend to avoid bolder colours but they look fab on you!

  3. That’s a lovely selection you have chosen from Primark and they do look good on you. I will have to go and check them out to get the most out of the warm season. You have great taste.

    1. omg they do, and do u notice that some clothing u see in other stores are just the same as primark, lol

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