Mo’mineral makeup first impressions review

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So I was sent some makeup to review in the post, from Mo’mineral makeup

Which was received last week.

This is my first try on review of the samples, I was given 3 different mineral powder foundation shades, and juicy shade lipstick

IMM MMA – which I think was the darkest shade of brown, which I put on my right cheek

Second shade EWA – which I felt was more of a richer warmer brown shade, I applied on my left cheek

And the last powder foundation shade was MHLE, which I think is a paler brown shade, which I applied to my forehead.

Juicy lipstick shade, which looking at it, thought it was about bright, as I am used to wearing darker shades.

Instagram picture

Click on the below picture to watch to video

Check out the youtube video where you can watch me apply the makeup

So lets get to the review of the products

First let me start by saying that I have oily/combination skin.

I primed my face before I put all the powder foundations on.

Easy application with the makeup brush, I didn’t use to much on each part of my face. Because sometimes if u apply too much powder the face looks ashy and not good.

All mineral foundation shade we’re similar in colour, my favorite is EWA the brown had a warm undertone.

I think I am very fortunate not to have my scaring or spots on my face.
So when the power mineral foundations was applied, it made my skin look evened out, and flawless

So coverage was pretty good, like I said previously I was unsure about the juicy lipstick colour, but it looked good on my lips, kinda nude looking.

I did not apply finishing powder or setting spray, to see hope the mineral makeup withheld on its own.

After more than 2 hours, my face was slightly shiny, but remember I have oily combination skin, plus I was not heavy with the products ,

Overall I think mo’mineral makeup is a very good makeup for women of colour, and suitable for a different skin types (dry, combination, oily)

Bear in mind no foundation was applied to my nose or above my lips or under my lips, you can see the subtle difference.

I give mo’mineral makeup 10/10, the mineral foundation will come in useful during the warm summer

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