Shea Island Black Soap

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Shea Island Black soap, well I have been using Shea Island black soap, for couple months now, going through many bars in the process.

I am so glad that I do what I do, and get to discover many natural beauty, body and hair products. Because I like to try and discover new products.

So I was previously using Dudu Osun black soap for many many months before, but discovered it was not produced in Ghana, where the proper Shea comes from, to my surprise.

Before I started to use natural soaps, Dove soaps was the soaps I used for many years.

Anyways I discovered Shea Island at 1 of many events I have went to went to months ago.

And loving the results since using it.
Made with natural ingredients too, including Shea oil. Smells very nice, and leaves my skin clean and refreshed. I have a big tub of Shea Butter from Shea Island to use also.

There are so many natural black soap brands around, but I am sticking to what I know and my body loves.
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