Visit to London zoo

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I thought I share my vlog at London Zoo, recently. With hilarious voice-over, which is below at the end of this blog post.

I had the opportunity to enter the zoo for free, due to working at a event in the Zoo. And off course I had to blog it, as it was the first time I have been to the Zoo. Can you believe it all these years I have been alive and in London, but this is the first time actually seeing the animals.

I must say it is a big Zoo, and I don’t actually think I saw every animal in the Zoo, but I saw most of them, which you will see in my vlog below.

To get the Zoo it is situated in the centre of tube stations Baker Street and Regents street.

The food facility has reasonable food sandwiches, desserts, hot food. hot and cold drinks. Tad overpriced, but guest thats service price added. So I would advice to bring plenty snacks.

A great trip out for kids and adults

So many animals big and small.

Here is the website

Overall it was a great experience seeing animals I don’t usually see, and so being lazy to just lounging around, lol.




What do you think off my voice-over?

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